picture of Nastia

Nastia gets new date in September

Nastia will return to Jaeger on the 2nd of September to the basement for Frædag

After Nastia had to cancel her last visit due to the invasion of Ukraine, we’re pleased to announce that she will return to Jaeger on the 2nd of September. Since we had to cancel her last visit due to the harrowing circumstances she was facing in her homeland, we’ve been eager to show our support to Nastia and the Ukrainian people as Russia continues their brutal and unjustified invasion of the region.

As well as our initial fundraising efforts, we’ll continue to show our support be dedicating most of September to the Ukraine with visits from three Ukrainian DJs during the month, starting with Nastia on the 2nd of September.

Advance tickets bought for the original date, that weren’t refunded, will be valid for this new date and all valid ticket holders will receive a message via ticketco shortly. There will also be a limited amount of advance tickets added for the night, as well as tickets on the door. We look forward to the return of Nastia and hope to see a full dance floor in a show of solidarity for Nastia, Etapp Kyle and Daria Kolosova throughout September.