BCR presents Sundaze: a summer residency

   Sundays are back at Jaeger with the Boring Crew Records taking over the sauna as Sundaze

The summer, brings with it new life as we return to Sundays at Jaeger.  The boring crew have been making tranquil waves around Oslo for there last year, not least at Wednesdays at Jaeger, and from June they’ll be bringing that vibe to Sundays.

After a long hiatus, Sundays are back at Jaeger, with a new summer residency called Sundaze, spearheaded by BCR. Anders Hajem, Hendrik Villard and Perkules take the keys for the sauna for this new residency with their take on House music. Hazy days and sweltering nights. A sauna tick, tick, ticking in the heat under a sun that refuses to retire from the horizon and a dance floor that won’t surrender the weekend.

BCR, like everything, started with a chat over the internet. Exchanging ideas about music over soundcloud,  Anders’ studio eventually planted the seeds for a label and a collective to form. Hosting parties out of their Grünnerløkka studio at night and releasing records during the day, Henrik, Anders and Jens have established a small community around BCR over the course of the last year.

Find out more about the event here.