Øyvind Morken retires Untzdag

Øyvind Morken brings his long-serving Wednesday night to a conclusion, but stays on as a resident.

Untzdag has been a weekly institution on the Jaeger calendar for almost as long as the history of the club, and Øyvind Morken has decided to bring the residency to a close, to focus on fewer, more substantial events around the Jaeger calendar. For the past 8 years Untzdag has traversed the cosmic plains of dance music to bring a truly alternative dance floor to Oslo with Øyvind Morken at the helm. Bringing the residency night to its conclusion, next week, Øyvind is celebrating the life and times of Untzdag by releasing the first and only Untzdag mixtape via his soundcloud.  The mixtape which was initially intended to debut the residency, never saw the light of day for reasons unknown, and today it stands as testament to the true versatility of Untzdag and Øyvind Morken.

Together with Gaute Haaversen-Westhassel, Øyvind Morken established Untzdag, channeling that original spirit from the balearic isles into Jaeger’s courtyard, living room and basement where the soundtrack could go from Disco to Kosmische, from House to Electro, Ambient to Techno and Synth Wave to all in the space of a night. After Gaute left the concept to pursue a professional career, Øyvind Morken became the de facto specialist for alternative dance music in the city with his unique “schizophrenic” DJ style and a DJ guest list that always preceded eventual hype.

Untzdag and Øyvind Morken have taken us on an indcredible journey for nearly a decade, but all good things must come to an end and out of the ashes new concepts will soon arrive. Øyvind Morken will remain close to the jaeger family however and will continue to be a resident, but he will cut down his time in the club with playing fewer nights, but playing more significant events around the 2019-2020 calendar.

Øyvind Morken: “The train has reached it’s final destination. After eight years of holding down Wednesdays at Jaeger, I’m trowing in the towel, raising the flag and riding into the sunset. I would like to thank the whole fantastic crew at Jaeger for giving me a home away from home, and for putting up with me week in, week out. Also big hug to Gaute my co-pilot for the first few years. Respect to every artist that has played, and of course a big thank you to the people that came, danced, lived and loved. Friendships have been made for life. The last Untzdag will be on Wednesday the 30th of October. I will still be a resident DJ at Jaeger, but just not on a weekly basis. It’s been emotional.”

Throughout the autumn and winter we’ll be hosting some new club concepts and DJs on Wednesday nights… stay tuned for more.