Øyvind Morken’s favourite Jan Schulte tracks for an Untzdag

The chances are good that you’ve heard Jan Schulte on Wednesday at Jaeger. Øyvind Morken has been carrying the German DJ and producer’s music –  in its many guises – in his record bag for a long time, bringing it out on the right occasion for his weekly Untzdag residency, where it always finds a favourable reception. 

Jan Schulte is probably best known for his exotic recorded work as Wolf Müller and as the ex-resident of Salon Des Amateurs, but he has also been known to go by Bufiman when the mood, or moon just strikes him right. His transmorphism into Bufiman, opens a vortex into psychedelic deimsions where downtempo, krautrock, acid, balearic and house converge on the outer fringes of the outer dimensions. 

As an artist he is easily able to modulate between all these different factions, and with his kaleidoscopic vision of the known musical universe he is able to manipulate his expansive knowledge to the esoteric sound that he has cultivated across LPs and EPs. Even across his various aliases a distinct approach in sound emerges, with Schulte’s eclectic pursuit as a DJ coursing through the sound he perpetuates as a producer. 

Few know his work better than Øyvind Morken, who will often call on Schulte’s music and his remixes in his sets, so we asked him to pick a few of his favourites ahead of their next foray in the booth together – this time in person – when Schulte steps into Untzdag for Øyanatt this year


Bufiman – Running (The Chase)



Øyvind Morken: When that Clav hits, dance floor explosion!

Jan Schulte donning the Bufiman donning for this blistering, Funk monster. Bouncing along on a palette of eighties grooves and those stabbing keys, Bufiman pursues an intangible energy through the track. With dubby delays weaving their way through the track, leaving distant echoes in their wake this track is in perpetual motion as the title suggests.


Om Buschman – Hey Tatta Gorem (Wolf Müller Edit) 



Øyvind Morken: Not many clubs function at as low tempos as 80bpm, but like at the Salon Des Amateurs where Jan was resident, Untzdag does.

Schulte gives eighties post-kraut rockers Om Buschmann the Wolf Müller treatment re-envisioning the downtempo original for a modern dance floor. As Wolf Müller he turns the simple percussive rhythm of the original into a rich tapestry of beats, expounding on the exotic curiosities of the original with a DJs purview. Enticing the audience to the floor in a polyrhythmic melee of hand percussion and synthesised drums, the track’s energy far exceeds its 80 beats per minute. 


Wolf Müller – “Balztanz”



Øyvind Morken: Tribal-Jawharp-Funk. New genre there.

From the jovial jaw harp to the schizophrenic sine waves jumping around like Mexican beans, this is a very quirky track from Schulte as Wolf Müller. The repetitive nature of track indulges transcendental associations of primordial memories. It’s this kind of extotic world-travlled soundscape in which Schulte’s Wolf Müller alias thrives. 


Mungolian Jet Set – Moon Jocks N Prog Rocks (Montezuma’s Revenge Version)



Øyvind Morken: The Düsseldorf-Berlin-Oslo connection. 

This is the kind of obscure reference only Øyvind Morken could pick out. It’s Schulte as one half of Montezuma Rache, remixing those Norwegian musical voyeurs Mungolian Jet Set. extracting a little more than the groove of the original, Schulte and Christian Pannenborg slow it down and turn it inside out with a psychedelic interpretation of the original, like staring at a jumble of colourful cables on acid.