Prins Thomas compiles 4-hour mix for Smalltown Supersound

Smalltown Supersound celebrate their 25th anniversary with a mix by Prins Thomas.

The Oslo-based label Smalltown Supersound called on longtime affiliate, Prins Thomas to compile a mix celebrating their quarter century and the Prins obliged with a 4-hour mix featuring everybody from Sonic Youth to Ricardo Villalobos. It’s called the The Movement Of The Free Spirit and will be released late November as a cd Box Set with the first disc available  as LP too.

It’s a monster mix with an extensive tracklist covering three CDs with 10-15 tracks on each. Joakim Haugland of Smalltowen Supersound told RA that “Thomas has followed the label since the early beginnings. Back in the days I was always thinking: ‘He’s a house/disco DJ—why does he want my noise records?’ I realize now I wasn’t smart enough to understand his scope… While I have always struggled to describe what the label is, only now—with this mix—I can finally say: This is what it is.”

There’s an unreleased Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas track in the mix and it includes music from the label and beyond. There’s a heavy Norwegian presence with Biosphere, Jaga Jazzist, Lindstrøm, Diskjokke et al on board as Prins Thomas perfectly presenting the sound and concept of Smalltown Supersound on this mix. We might have to install a CD player in the café for this one.