Sous-Vide arrives on Sundays

Sous Vide takes over Sundays at Jaeger with residents Ida B,  Dolbah, Ole and Skjaerstad in our courtyard in July

After establishing Sous Vide as a label in 2019, Thomas Skjaerstad and his crew quickly added club night to their repertoire, with some label showcases at Jaeger in 2020. With  steady stream of releases coming from the young label, the people started piling in on Wednesdays to hear the resident DJs and their guests re-affirm the minimalist sound of the label from the booth.

“We had quite a nice first year of running Sous-Vide Records and in August we have been catching up with our first release made 12 months ago.” says Thomas Skjaerstad of the label’s advancements. With help from Norway’s culture board, and despite the issues with vinyl pressing plants during the pandemic, they’ve established Sous-Vide as a serious force in their field getting early love from the likes of Mixmag and Trommel.

“In summary we still believe the pandemic was a good thing for our label as we now are standing way stronger on several legs and our team is really finding their positions in the label,” explains Thomas. With Ole Henrik and Rado Kirilov joining the Sous-Vide team have grown and 8 releases in they’ve established their prominence not only as a label, but also as an event, especially at Jaeger.

After a year of successful Wednesday nights at Jaeger, and as we return to 7 days a week in the booth, we are eager to announce a new Sous-Vide residency at Jaeger. Taking over Sunday nights at Jaeger, Ida B, Dolbah, Ole and Skjaerstad will be in the booth every week, expanding Sous-Vide to a residency with their singular musical purpose.

Sous-Vide Records is a small Norwegian vinyl & self releasing imprint focused on the grooves of minimalism. Their vision is to build a sustainable, timeless portfolio of both rising stars and established talent who are fuelled by genuine passion for music. They seek to spread  inspiration and creative fuel to music enthusiasts everywhere, and they’ll be bringing this philosophy to Jaeger’s courtyard throughout July.

Check out their releases here.

July Lineup:

04.07: Ole + Ida +Dolbah +Skjaerstad

11.07: Rado + Skjaerstad +Dolbah