Lente carries the torch for Loving Tuesdays

As Tuesdays return to the calendar, Lente returns for Loving Tuesdays… with a twist.

It’s all about “tonics and tunes” says Lente about the new Tuesday club night. As we start coming back into our stride in 2021, we’ll be open seven days a week and that means Tuesdays gets a new residency. Well… a new residency bearing a familiar name. Lente brings back the Loving Tuesdays name for July 2021.

“I talked to Vari Loves and she agreed that I should carry on with Loving Tuesdays,” says Lente. The night comes back with Lente implementing some exciting new developments, featuring guest bartenders, interesting bar menus, record label showcases and podcasts from Lente’s extensive list of personal projects.

Brining his Panograna podcast to the physical realm and featuring regular showcases from his own Edelgran Records label, Lente is putting a new spin on Tuesdays with the DJ and artist at the centre of it all.

“Panograna” is music and art combined with Scandinavian environments,” explains Lente over an email. “We are a group of friends which has been dedicated to the electronic music scene for long time. The goal is to bring the beats from a vibing
dancefloor to unique experiences in different sites and venues.” With a new episode in the first week of every month, Ponograna will become an integral part of the Tuesday residency, alongside Lente’s other musical outlet,  Edelgran records.

Alongside Edelgran records, he and those friends have established a scene onto themselves with the record label bringing the Scandinavian environments to the rest of the world in the form of new sounds. They’ve already released Eps and various singles from artists like Crussen, Lente, Alex.k and Dennis Jernelius. With 2 new singles coming this summer, it looks to fortify the label’s resolve, which will come intertwined with Loving Tuesdays indefinitely as the new residency settles in with Lente at the forefront.

Lente is a familiar face on the scene today and when in the booth he creates sounds from a groove and playful palette. The Oslo native DJ and promoter is known for long and deep sets that play against the floating backdrop of Oslo’s electronic music scene. Along with his regular partner in crime Crussen, he’s played in famous clubs, like Sisyphose, Kater Blau in Berlin and many more while observing a regular release schedule in between through his Edelgran imprint.

After sharing the night with Vari Loves in the years just before the pandemic, he adds Loving Tuesdays to his list of personal projects and debuts the new night in July at Jaeger.

Here’s the lineup for July:

6th of July: Premier of “Panograna Moodcast” interviews and recording.
Hosts by Lente & Brandbrandy.

13th of July: “Exotic” with special guests Tariq and Saul Sanches.

20th of July: Resident Lente all night long.

27th of July: “Edelgran Records showcase”. Single release from Lente &
Dennis Jernelius