Album of the Week: Hubbabubbaklubb – Drømmen drømmerne drømmer

Hubbabubbaklubb's debut LP finally arrives on our turntable with all the markings of a timeless classic. […]

From the Soul with Mono Junk

Talking from the soul, we interview, Kimmo Rapatti as Mono Junk during a performance at Kafé Hærverk. […]

Oslo World & Frædag pres. Black Motion

South African House duo Black Motion are Frædag and G-Ha & Olanskii's guests this year for the annual Oslo World. […]
1. November

Oslo World & RETRO pres. Kampire

Ugandan DJ, Kampire is on the RETRO tip with resident DJ, Daniel Gude. Finding that narrow space between nostalgia and the contemporary with a distinctly African take on electronic music […]

DELLAS DRIVHUS with Homero Espinosa

Fresh from sunny California, this westcoast House DJ is going to fill the basement with soulful and deep House vibes. […]

Oslo World & Jæger pres.: Shkoon

Shkoon and Ra-Shidi join Jæger for the last night of the Oslo World music festival. […]

JM#114 – August

We pick up our conversation with August from his last Jæger mix. […]