On my own Time – An Interview with Whodat

An interview with whodat about starting out as a DJ, buying records, making music and Cologne and Detroit. […]

JM#062 – Mudman

Mudman mixes some old school with the new school in this edition of the Jæger mix. […]

What’s in a name – A Q&A with Central

Talking to Central about making music, running labels and how he decides to tag his music. […]

Album of the Week: Red Axes – The Beach Goths

Channeling something from the Velvet Underground into the contemporary, the Red Axes have always been a kind of Ramones for the post-punk, pre-tropical era . […]

IRONI with Charlotte Bendiks and Whodat

Serious music for playful pleasure, a beat almost sustained beyond polyrhythms and an arctic soul playing for warmer temperatures. […]

Energy, Space and More with Roi Perez

Panorama Bar / Berghain resident Roi Perez answers our questions on the being queer in Tel Aviv, DJing and buying records. […]

Karl Fraunhofer on Outrun to Santa Cruz

Hear two new tracks from Det Gode Selskab affiliate and Synth Wizard, Karl Fraunhofer. […]