Tora on tour: A Q&A

Speaking to Australian Band Tora, ahead of their event tonight. […]

Straight outta Bergen: Talking to Kahuun

We speak to Kahuun ahead of his appearance at Jaeger tonight and try to unravel the eclectic career of the Bergen producer and DJ. […]

Coltsfoot shares Sweet in the beginning, bitter in the end, a live mix.

"Sweet in the beginning, bitter in the end", eases into downtempo beats via Fort Romeau's 'Saku III' and sets a sultry summer tone with ethereal vocals and dub electronic […]

I’ve never been to Berghain: Considering the legacy of Ostgut Ton

In I've never been to Berghain: Considering the legacy of Ostgut Ton, we look at the influence of the legendary venue and label ion Techno […]
Ivaylo cleans out his lab for his August mix series.

Ivaylo shares latest Lab Cleaning Jams mix


Tora (Aus) Live!

Tora skiller seg ut fra mengden. Bandet kommer fra Australia som for tiden vokser enormt innenfor elektronikasjangeren på verdensbasis. Gutta fra Byron Bay har fortjent tatt plassen som en av landets mest lovende band innen denne sjangeren. […]

Waking up with András Fox

Talking about András Fox before his headlining live performance at Jaeger. […]

The Deep Soldier: Ivaylo talks Bogota Records

It’s all about the love, when we talk about deepness. I’m the real deep soldier, because we start talking about a state of mind.” […]

Alienating Music – Interviewing Roland Lifjell

“I feel like what’s happening in the Techno scene is opening up for what I want to do. What I hear in Techno is that there is some purpose in the music again.” […]
Cassy_record store 2

In the moment with Cassy

We caught up with Cassy ahead of her headlining set for Natt&Dag og Jaeger Presenterer FRÆDAG. […]

Willie Burns – On the crest of a wave

Willie Burns has finally quit his much despised day job as a swimming instructor. It means he can devote his life to “just doing music stuff and the thing.” […]
08 Andre Bratten Press photo by Stephen Butkus

Yours sincerely, Andre Bratten

With Andre Bratten's unforgettable set still ringing in our ears, we sit down for a coffee with the uncompromising musician. […]

NATT&DAG & Jaeger presenterer Øyanatt 2015

I år som i fjor blir det fullt av forskjellige høydepunkter, og vi har skrevet utfyllende og utfordrende om samtlige under. Vel møtt! […]