Norwegian artists remix Sex Judas

A bevy of Norway's superstars remix some Sex Judas modern classics. […]

DELLA heads over to Chicago’s 5mag for a mix

Read and interview with DELLA and listen to her mix over on Chicago's 5 Magazine. […]

Album of the Week Bugge Wesseltoft – Everybody loves Angels

It's in the heavens, where the angels play that Wesseltoft offers us quietude and peace, an escape  from all the noise. […]

Ivaylo’s Bogota records goes Colombian

For the first time since establishing Bogota, Ivaylo has enlisted a Columbian artist to the roster.  […]

Reykjavik & Beyond with Viktor Birgiss

Talking to Viktor Birgiss about music, his influences, Reykjavik and Kafiibarinn. […]

Frædag x Insomnia invites Mike Servito & Romans

Mike Servito and Romans represent The Bunker New York in this Jæger and Insomnia festival collaboration […]

JM#065 – Nordiks

Nordiks goes from Electro to House and Breakbeats in this edition of the Jæger mix. […]