A space of their own with KSMISK

We went up to the Trulz & Robin's studio by the river to listen to their debut album as KSMISK, Mikromiteorittene. […]

JM#094 – Marius Circus

Marius Circus delivers a delectable assortment of ear-worms and steppers in this week's Æmix. […]

Frædag x Cin Cin with Fort Romeau & Marco Pasarani

Fort Romeau heads back to Jæger for a special Cin Cin showcase in our basement with label mate Marco Passarani, while G-Ha & Olanskii, Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken and Celius play our backyard.  […]

Album of the Week: Jon Hopkins – Singularity

It's almost too perfect – Jon Hopkins return to the album format amazes as our album of the week. […]

Frædag x Triangle Showcase with Silent Servant, Ron Bacardi and Freddy K

We give the keys to our basement to Triangle who brings Silent Servant Ron Bacardi and Freddy K along for a showcase. […]

Bassiani set up Donation Fund for legal battle

The fate of Bassiani's future in the Georgian still hangs in the balance after a police raid on the club two weeks ago […]

Nightflight x Skranglejazz

From Gaasa to Jæger, Skranglejazz light the candle on both ends, bringing the Italian disco duo Nu Guinea to Jæger's  backyard for a DJ set.  […]