Ten years of Macro with Stefan Goldmann

Indulging us here over some questions, Stefan shares some of his thoughts on music, Macro and why he thinks being a Berliner is boring.  […]

JM#074 – Strangefruit

In this week's episode of the Jæger Mix Strangefruit traverses his multidimensional musical universe for an early Sunday evening vibe. […]
31. December

Nyttårsaften På Jæger

We take out 2017 in one loud bang of electronic music with some of Oslo's finest DJ's. […]
26. December

Subjekt & Jæger pres.: Romjulsfestivalen with RETRO & Boogienetter

In a new tradition with Norwegian media outlet Subjekt, Jæger bring you a week-long program to abscond from the stale traditions of the holiday season and lose yourself in the welcomed embrace of a Funktion One system […]

Flex your muscle – nine years of Bicep

Digging through the history of Bicep which all started with a blog. […]

Album of the Week: Skatebård – Skateboarding was a crime: In 1989

Skateboarding in 1989 might have been a crime but in 2002 in Norway's electronic music scene, everything goes and this album went some way in establishing a new Norwegian sound. […]

Subjekt & Jæger pres. 1 Juledag with Øyvind Morken

Øyvind Morken selects the playlist for the first day of christmas in our basement. […]