All these songs sing about the same thing for Konstantin

We spoke to Konstantin from the Giegling collective about the dynamic of being in a collective and how it filters into his music and DJ sets. […]

Floating on Leftfield with Vinny Villbass

Vinny Vilbass talks to us a bout Leftfield, before he's due to open up for the British Duo on Sunday. […]
5. December

Nightflight: Jeremy Underground | Fredfades | Dirty Hans | MC Kaman | Jan Sverre

On this special edition of Nightflight, we invite My Love is Underground boss, Jeremy Underground, Fredfades and Dirty Hans to our booth in the basement, while MC Kaman and Jan Sverre keep it upbeat in our lounge. […]

Stream a preview of Ploink’s next offering from KSMSK

Bergen Techno label Ploink is wrapping up 2015 with a release by Olso Techno duo KSMSK. Stream the preview. […]
eddy plakat
21.november- 5.desember

Farvel til Eddy Bellegueule

Edouard Louis sin kritikerroste roman «Farvel til Eddy Bellegueule» blir nå teater med Emil Johnsen i hovedrollen og Kjersti Horn på regi. Norgespremiere på Jaeger 21. november. Kun 10 forestillinger. Forestillingslengde er ca 1t og 20 min. Medvirkende: Emil Johnsen. […]

In the Booth with Dickon (Te Dans 21/11/2015)

Dickon takes that first step into the weekend with this mix recorded at the last Te-Dans outing. […]

Frædag: Martyn | g-Ha & Olanskii | Ricky Late | Celius | Oskar Pask

The legendary Martyn comes to Oslo on Friday the 11th of December to join Jæger resident g-Ha & Olanskii in our basement. […]