Mix of the Week – Tod Louie

An exotic mix with traces of organic instruments tracing a line through familiar club arrangements, this mix finds Tod Louie in a reflective, meditative disposition. […]

Bypåskefestivalen 2018

While Oslo retreats to the mountains en-masse we’ve opted the calm and quietude of the city with some friends. […]

A Q&A with Terre Thaemlitz (DJ Sprinkles) – Part 1

The first in a two part Q&A session with Terre Thaemitz in which Ruby Pololma asks the artist some questions about her new work Deproduction and the conceptual framework behind the artist's work. […]

JM#085 – G-Ha

G-Ha directs the dance floor in his precisionist kind of way; each track segueing into the next through some grander narrative only familiar to the DJ.  […]

Album of the Week: Anthony Linell – A sense of Order

Anthony Linell ventures into the calm waters of ambience in his latest album for Northern Electronics. […]

Nightflight presents Finnebassen (Live) & Olanskii

Olanskii goes solo in the basement for a visit to MC Kaman's Nightflight and extends invitation to Finnebassen for a live show. […]

Mix of the week – Leif

Get stuck into an ambient mix from Welsh producer and Freerotation DJ, Leif. […]