8. February

Frædag invites Shadow Child

G-Ha & Olanskii and Frædag invites Shadow Child to their own musical universe residing in the belly of Jæger where trams and people pass by overhead unaware of our secret world we’ve created just below their feet. […]

JM#125 – Remii

Remii makes his debut on the Jæger mix with a DJ mix with a selection of classic House cuts combined with some unique Remii edits. […]

Frædag invites Catz n Dogz

Two familiar faces, Catz n Dogz return to Jæger's basement for G-Ha & Olanskii's Frædag after the release of their first EP in 2019, New Love. […]

Free Falling with Karolinski

Delve in to the world of Karolinski as she talks about her debut LP, Abnormal Soundscape, making her debut as a live artist and skydiving. It's not going to be chill. […]

We’ve got some catching up to do with Cassy

A lot has happened since Cassy last talked to us over the blog. A debut LP and a new label while retaining her position as one of the most in demand people in the booth. We had some catching up to do. […]

JM#124 – Marius Sommerfeldt

Marius Sommerfeldt kicks off 2019 at the Jæger mix with a languid House mix to start off the year. […]

Frædag invites B.Traits

This week’s guest is B.Traits, a radio host, DJ, artist, label owner and one of the most progressive figures in electronic music today. […]