Nils Noa

Music is my life – Live with Nils Noa

Nils Noa bringing the show to Jæger this weekend in the hope of warming up our new basement sound system in preparation for the winter cold. We’re naturally intrigued and popped a few questions over to Nils via email […]

Wish you were here – Hubbas Klubb launches Duo of Duck in pictures

A couple of Saturdays ago our friends from the Hubbabubbaklubb released a new clothing line called Duo of Duck with Prins Emanuel, Magnus International and Olefunken in tow. We have the pictures to prove it. […]
Photo by Joachim Nilsen

“Isn’t all music equal” – Interview with Rave-Enka

In August Ravi Brunsvik (De Fantastiske To) debuted his live show as Rave Enka for The Formant's 55. The event showcased Ravi's unmatched talent for music in the language of machines. Rave-Enka manipulates the dark trinity into infectious dance constructions with a foundation in his prominent musical education. He'll be bringing this ability to Jæger's stage this weekend, but before that happens, let's have a look what's behind this intriguing enigma of an artist […]

Cheap Swedish Meat and Cigarettes mix by Magnus International

"After a shopping trip for meat and cigarettes in Sweden, I got so inspired by the prices that i made a house mix." […]

Jøger på Jæger Æ002 m! Lansering av Jaeger Oslo’s serie med limited USB-sticks

Lansering av Jaeger Oslo's serie med limited USB-sticks til folket med innhold fra de ulike konseptene på huset. Vi har en bunke med sticks å gi bort med masse mixtapes, foto og annet snacks! Og - det er SISTE tirsdag hvor bakgården er åpen, så mange grunner til å ta turen! […]

In the booth with Te Dans

Stream Alex Jangle and Sondre Kveldsvik set from the previous weekends at Jæger. […]

“Don’t call it electroclash : Q&A with Ivan Smagghe”.

Ivan Smagghe's ear for music is astounding and he completely embodies the idea of the eclectic DJ, while his penchant for esoteric digging always ensures a surprise is never too far off in his sets. […]

Electroclash in 10 Tracks

Before Ivan Smagghe's appearance tonight we take a look back at the genre that started it all for the Dj, Electroclash through ten tracks that defined the genre. […]

New Norwegian Sounds with Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract has compiled a new mix of new Norwegian music to help us ease into the weekend. […]


Yo! Sjekk ut teasern her om Joddskis Comeback! […]

In the Booth with G-Ha – 26/09/2015 (Skaugum)

G-Ha was invited to Skaugum over the weekend to play all night and so he did... […]

Hi-Tech Soul: Detroit in conversation with Steve Rachmad and Joachim Dahl Houmb

We sat down with Jokke while Steve Rachmad was on the phone and talked all things Detroit.“I can’t imagine a time when I won’t want to touch the machines anymore.” […]

Do you believe in ghosts – Hubba interviews Prins Emanuel.

We took a quick chat with Hubbaklubb headliners Prins Emanuel... […]

Stream latest SYNC session

Stream latest SYNC session […]