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Five A-live with Third Attempt (Band)

Third Attempt introduces the band and picks the five performances and artists that has inspired this new evolution in the project.

Third Attempt is evolving again. As a solo artist Torje Fagertun Spilde’s Third Attempt project has already amassed a large discography, and today he’s no less than a consummate performer. He’s released albums that have enamoured and have transformed those tracks into live performances that move across dance floors with toe-tapping grooves.

Third Attempt is no stranger to Jaeger’s stage, nor is he unfamiliar with playing with others like Bugge Wesseltoft.  Now he’s ready for the next phase of Third Attempt, as he debuts the Third Attempt band at Jaeger this Friday. Leading up to the showcase, we caught up Third Attempt’s Torje  to find out a bit more about this next evolution and some of the live acts that have inspired his own live performances. 

What was the inspiration or idea behind putting the band together for this event?

Since the move from Tromsø to Oslo I’ve been on the lookout for somebody to play with on the regular. I’ve wanted to set up something like this for quite some time. Many of my tracks are either heavily sampled or recorded with real instruments. So it always made sense to engage in something more band oriented, besides the clubby stuff. Also after a great live round with Bugge Wesseltoft and Kristoffer Eikrem in 23, I found myself more and more inspired by the format. 

My childhood friend Jonas (drummer) reached out to me around a year ago, having moved back pretty recently from the east. He was eager to play and I accepted. I really have to give him most of the credit for shifting this concept into gear. We’ve seen each other progress since we were kids, so it made perfect sense. Didn’t take us long to get into it. 

After a few successful sessions, Jonas got Elias on board (Guitarist). Which completed the trio.

I usually am a bit uptight when it comes to performing. But these guys have really loosened me up a lot. It’s always a real good time when we jam together. I’m happy to say I’m really look forward to playing this friday!

Give us a short introduction to the other two members of the band.

Jonas and Elias met at UIA (Kristiansand) studying together. They both have a degree in music, and studied under big names like Jan bang, Øyvind Nypan (Jazz-legend) and Karl-Oluf Wennerberg (A-ha), to name a few. Recently graduating with impressive track records. Both are working as professional session- and live-musicians, Jonas has among many things worked with both local and national pop-artists. Elias is currently also active in his Norwegian metal-band called Våde. 

What will be the fundamental difference between this performance and a solo third attempt performance besides the obvious fact that there are more people on stage. 

This group is first and foremost exploring Third Attempt tracks in a brand new, organic setting. With more open arrangements and room for improvisation. Live elements make the tracks come alive in completely different ways. I guess you could say it’s a less clubby angle, more concert / show oriented. Still maintaining the recipe though. Spiking the energy with live drums and guitar, with a special nod towards funk, soul and disco. Visuals included! 

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We asked Torje to pick Five  live acts and their concerts that have inspired this project. 

OMA Hip Hop Instrumentals (Live in Tokyo)

Torje says: Impossible not to link the entire performance. World class performance in familiar and unfamiliar hip hop instrumentals. Sounding great in a band setting which is rare in this genre. 

The hip-hop instrumentalists, OMA has been a social media phenomenon for their unique interpretations of Hip Hop classics. From the Golden Era to the post 2000’s pop hits,  OMA strip the tracks down to their instrumental components, where the samples return to their original state through the musicians. They put their own spin on it, but there is also something to the tracks they choose to interpret. All the MF Doom 


Glass Beams – Mahal EP

Torje says: Ninja Tune’s latest addition. Mystical, funky and hypnotizing funkyness. Really like the outfits and overall aesthetic as well.

One of Guardian’s “One’s to watch” this year, Glass Beams is Australia’s latest hyped export. Western sounds playing with eastern dialects, Glass Beams relay something exotic and mysterious in their musical approach and it’s only affirmed by their own mysterious visual aesthetic. Appearing behind face shrouds and playing instruments that look like they were born from Ursula K. Le Guin novel, the oblique band is an exciting curiosity.


D’angelo – Chicken Grease @ The Chris Rock Show

Torje says: Extremely funky. Good times overall. Probably in the top TV performances

The living enigma D’Angelo during his peak Voodoo period, before descending into obscurity and becoming a recloose essentially. Always shrouded in mystique, the reluctant sex symbol showcases his incredible performing talents for this rare archival footage from the Chris Rock show.


Little Indian – Live

Torje says: Nils is a visionary and a big inspiration. I have seen him live multiple times. In my opinion, this live version surpasses the original. 

Serene Jazz, punctuated by some trip hop rhythms and disembodied vocal samples. Nils Petter Molvaer combines that Norwegian tradition of advanced Jazz sonics with contemporary electronics in bringing something unique to the world. It’s a longstanding tradition personified in its latest phase by an artist like Third Attempt. 


Daft Punk – Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger

Torje says: Grew up on this duo. Alive 2007 in general is a great record. I think this is a creative mashup of all their hits. Huge energy. If I had to pick one it would be this. 

Probably still one of the best electronic live acts, Daft Punk were one of the first a dance music artists to take their music to arena- and festival stages. The robot-men know their way around a sequencer and synthesiser in a way that seems they are plugged into them, and during the Alive period they had found a way to manipulate them in a series of live shows and an album that brought a new dimension to their tracks. Here they consolidate two of their best known songs for an energetic peak time delivery.