House music stole my heart with Da Capo

I fell in love with house then I started producing it. It literally stole my heart. […]

JM#117 – DJ Sin

DJ Sin, steps into our basement rig and goes deep on his second visit to the Jæger mix series. […]

The cut with Filter Musikk

We get all nostalgic for the wrong reasons on this wistful Wednesday on the Cut with Filter Musikk, featuring records from Marius Circus, Bell-Towers, Krikor Kouchian, Volruptus and Giant Swan. […]

In Pictures – Hubbas Klubb with Ross from Friends

Pictures from last night’s party with Hubbabubbaklubb and Ross From Friends. […]

Album of the week: Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics

Neneh Cherry has decided to negate the current rhetoric, retreating from the choir of the angry disenfranchised, the forgotten and the partisan, in an introspective album that approaches the eternal "broken politics" of our society. […]

Ross From Friends – On the Web

Googling Ross from Friends...  […]

JM#116 – Sondre Kveldsvik

Sondre Kveldsvik returns to the Jæger mix with some more exotic flavours under the aegis of eighties drum machines. […]