JM#123 – Alexander deQwest

Alexander deQwest makes his second appearance on the Jæger mix with a delectable mix of deep, throbbing House tracks that favour an upbeat tempo and a soulful disposition. […]

The craft of Suzanne Kraft

Suzanne Kraft talks about his working processes in the studio, his career and what he's carrying in his record bag for this upcoming session at […]

Album of the week: Kuuk – Live fra Blitz

It's a shame it had to come to an end, because now more than ever, Norway, no the world... needs Kuuk. […]

From fresh disco to techno with Adolpho & Franky

ailing out of Lausanne in Switzerland, Adolpho & Franky are the residents and the might behind the region’s clubbing institution, Folklor. […]

The Cut with Filter Musikk

The year is not over here, so join us we avoid the noid and all the best-of-lists, digging through the new releases at Filter Musikk, featuring Dopplereffekt,Ajukaja, Psyk, Laksa and Code 6. […]

JM#122 – Christian Engh

Christian Engh makes his debut on the Jæger mix with a "dark, dirty and hypnotic techno" mix for the series. […]

The Gospel of House Music

House music isn’t just something for your body, but rather something for your mind, body and soul. […]