A brighter night – Jaeger in May/June 2021

We’re looking to the future across a new horizon and a time when we can open Jaeger’s doors once again. We’ve set a tentative objective for May in the hope that a vaccine and the sun will initiate the return to normality and we want to be at the forefront of it all, chasing a ray of hope and a time where we can have a dance floor in full effect again. 

It will be a good day when we can dust off the cobwebs and bring some life back to a dance floor with the sun looming ever longer in the sky. We look forward to a day when we can invite you all back with the warm embrace of our soundsystem in lieu of a physical hug. It will be  a brighter night as Jaeger sets its sights on a May and June programme.

We’ve started making arrangements with some of Oslo’s leading lights back in the DJ booth, building on the foundations we started laying towards the end of last year. Our closest and dearest are back in the fray with residents and a slew of regular guest DJs providing the springboard into summer 2021 and towards the full return of  the dance floor. Residencies like Lyd, Big-UP, Sous-Vide, Serenity Now and Frædag are all back, with appearances by Prins Thomas, g-HA & Olanskii, Normann and Finnebassen to name but a few.

The full lineup will be confirmed at a later date and with regard to the ongoing covid-19 measures in effect. Watch this space for more details to follow soon and we hope to see you on the dance floor very soon. 

Jayda G on the Essential Mix

Last night Jayda G stepped up to the essential mix for two hours of Disco, House, Gospel and R&B which is available to stream via BBC and a few Mixcloud stations like the one below.  The mix comes a month before the much anticipated debut LP, “Significant Changes” coming out via Ninja Tune and it’s a week before the Canadian DJ and producer joins g-HA & Olanskii in the booth for Frædag.

Classic Disco, House and Gospel from the likes of Gladys Knight, Mr. G and Ron Trent course through the set, setting a pre-party Friday mood for this mix that could carry on into the early hours of the morning to any musical dimension.  The mix includes “Significant Changes and Beyond” taken from her upcoming LP at the heart of this mix and a couple surprises from Faith Evans Seu Jorge at the very end for a very comprehensive mix.

Olanskii, Øyvind Morken, and Prins Thomas head to Kala 2019

Kala festival in Albania adds Jæger residents Olanskii and Øyvind Morken to the line-up with Prins Thomas.

In its second year running, Kala Festival returns to their picture paradise location with a summer line-up for the ages. Featuring the likes of Josey Rebelle, Honey Dijon, Secret Sundaze and CC: Disco against the backdrop of the Albania rivera replete with white sandy beaches, azure waters and intimate musical stages, Kala festival tick all the right boxes for a musical summer break. Just look at these pictures from last year.

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Jæger will be there too with Olanskii and Øyvind Morken and honorary Jæger resident Prins Thomas over the course of the weeklong program. Expect some House, Disco and Balearic sounds echoing down a sun-streaked beach beyond a green gully with some of the worlds best selectors. Tickets are on sale now and you can get them here.

Da Capo stands in for Black Motion during Oslo World

Black Coffee protege Da Capo joins the Oslo World line-up and Black Motion reschedules for early 2019.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Black Motion are unable to fulfil their commitment during the Oslo World festival and we have to wait just a tad longer to get the South African DJs at Jæger, but it’s a two for one as we get Da Capo to stand in for the duo. While we’ve rescheduled Black Mortion’s appearance at Jæger for the 18th of January 2019, South African House artist Da Capo will take their place for the Oslo World festival.

A burgeoning talent on South Africa’s enduring House scene, Da Capo has been nurtured under the wing of South African House music monolith, Black Coffee, and like his peers Black Motion, he makes esoteric House music, bringing together influences from home and further abroad.

Da Capo is Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa is a self-taught producer & DJ who first fell in love with house music at an early age enabling him to have a good ear for music and the unmistakable ability to create blazing sounds to keep masses salivating for more.  It earned him his spot amongst South Africa and the world over as a highly regarded producer at the tender age of 21.

Inspired by the biggest names in the house music industry such as Nick Holder, Zepherin Saint and Andy Compton, to name a few, Da Capo has set forth on a journey to create his mark on the House Music scene with the release of his Solo EPs released under DNH Records  elevating him to the status of a household name in countries far afield and clubs around the world. Recently he’s signed a deal with Toronto based Music Label DNH Records owned by well-known DJ/Producer Nick Holder. 

You can find out more about the event here and here.

Tickets for Hubbas Klubb with Ross From Friends is available now

Limited tickets are available now for Hubbas Klubb with Ross from Friends through Ticketmaster.

Avoid the MC Kaman guestlistpqueue mayhem and secure your ticket for Hubba’s Klubb on the 27th of October, when Ross From Friends joins the Norwegian troubadours in our basement for a live set. You can read more about the event here, and get your tickets here.

We have only released a limited amount of tickets for pre-sale, and there will still be some tickets available on the night at the door.

Ross From Friends has just released his debut LP, Family Portrait and his accompanying live show has been getting some incredible reviews already. Here he  is doing his thing for Boiler Room:

Hubbabubbaklubb also just released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Drømmen, Drømmerne, Drømmer this week, and the band will be playing a DJ set in the company of Ross.

Fredfades and Jawn Rice join forces on new LP

The Mutual Intentions boys combine their talents which you can hear on the first single from their new LP .

“It isn’t easy” premiered on Spotify today, appearing on the album “Jacuzzi Boys”, coming out later this year. Freadfades and Jawn Rice deliver a straight-up House track with designs clearly on the dance floor. Following Jawn Rice’s Highlights on the Mutual Intentions label and Fredfades Warmth from last year, this track falls somewhere beyond those two LPs, succumbing to the functional demands of a dance floor on this occasion.

Between Jawn Rice’s synth work and Fredfades samples it harks back to a simpler time in House music, stripping the genre down to its essential parts without going lo-fi. They showcase their combined experience as producers and “It isn’t easy” certainly has all the right ingredients to become an instant House classic.

From the warm chords opening up the track to those carefully selected vocal samples, the different elements fit together like a perfectly orchestrated puzzle. The vocal sample is an instant earworm and the progression of the track gives it the room to get familiar with listener without ever getting overtly repetitive and stale.

Fredfades and Jawn Rice have certainly caught everybody’s attention with this single and we look forward to hear what “Jacuzzi Boys” has in store.

Listen to Charlotte De Witte’s Resident Advisor mix

Charlotte De Witte delivers a club mix to the resident advisor podcast series.

The Belgium artist and DJ whose success has propelled her onto every major booth and stage this past season, has managed to find a gap in her extensive touring schedule to put a mix together for the people at Resident Advisor as part of their popular podcast series.

De Witte doesn’t temper her sound for the occasion, putting together a selection of music that plays in the peak-time hours and the kind of DJ slot she’ll accommodate today. Acid basslines and 4/4 kicks stab menacing atmospheres through tracks that pursue a singular committed path through the mix.

It’s an uncompromising Techno mix from the artist and sets the tone for her upcoming appearance at Jæger in a few weeks. Charlotte De Witte plays Frædag on the 1st of June.

Hear a new track from Frantzvaag

Frantzvaag is back with a new release on the Smallville imprint Fuck Reality with a premiere of  the leading track “I Skyene”.

Taken from the much anticipated Fuck Reality 05, “I skyene” is the first original track from the Oslo artist since his acclaimed 2016 release on the same label and it’s premiering today on Canadian site Bolting Bits.

Frantzvaag’s signature Deep House sound, tapering from the fringes of House music’s origins into a modern dialect are given a boost of adrenalin on “I Skyene”. Rhodes chords swell around an effervescent percussive arrangement that hint at Frantzvaag’s extensive experience in the booth.

Frantzvaag has made an impressive impression on Oslo’s electronic music scene since returning to the city and can be found regularly playing in Jæger, Villa, Ingensteds et al. An integral part if this current generation of House producer in Oslo, he’s slowly carving out a distinctive sound to the world through the Fuck Reality label which is sure to play a significant role in the future of the genre.

Fuck Reality 05 will be released on the 9th of May with a special launch event in Fredensborgveien. You can read more about Frantzvaag here.

Øyvind Morken delivers two mixes for L.I.E.S Tapes

Untzdag resident has delivered two mixes to Ron Morelli’s Mixtape series on L.I.E.S. “Two 30 minute sides of impeccably mixed road trippin music” is what L.I.E.S calls it, and what might that mean? “Think Baldelli, think the Italian countryside think of a ton of tracks you don’t know and you have your starting point.” Ron Morelli’s tastes are not to be taken likely and although we haven’t yet heard the mixtape yet, it’s sure to be yet another Øyvind Morken eclectic adventure through the schizophrenic DJ’s kaleidoscopic mind. Pick up a copy over on L.I.E.S.

Update: Kate Miller takes over from Kelly Lee Owens for upcoming Affirmative Action

For personal reasons Kelly Lee Owens will have to postpone her appearance at Jæger to a later date and in her stead we’ve lined up Oscillate’s Kate Miller to join resident Karima F for this next edition of Affirmative Action. Kate Miller spends her time between Melbourne and Berlin, with each city exacting its  influence on the artist identity in different ways in her sets. Her sets are varied and ever evolving, going from the most recent releases to classic old school gems, merging the funky and the dreamy, the uplifting and the dark. An Oscillate resident, she’s just helped ushered in three years of the prominent event’s series at ://about blank in Berlin in a year that’s seen her play everywhere from Panorama bar to Kaiku in Finland.