Listen: Jungle edit mix from André Bravo

André Bravo appears as ShdowH3ro for 40 minutes of Jungle themed techno.

With a nod to DJ shadow and 4hero, André Bravo has compiled a list of original edits and -tracks for  a 40 minute soundcloud mix via his page. A raucous onslaught of percussion and amen breaks are carried on the wispy trail of euphoric synths and steamy atmospheres.

André Bravo is nothing if not versatile. Here he channels some original productions into a set conspiring around the fringes of Jungle with an eye on Techno. A tense and cinematic mood courses through the entirety of the mix in some haunting interpretation of a horror film.

André Bravo

As one of the longest serving residents at Jaeger, André Bravo has been the steadfast hand behind Mandagsklubben since we’ve opened. As it goes through another permutation with new inductee, Safira he is the only original brokesteady crew member that remains at the head of the week every Monday.

When he is not at Oslo, he can be found playing all over Oslo,playing sets that range from the latest Pop anthems to the most obscure and intimidating Techno.

*Check out tonight Mandagsklubben here.