Mix of the Week – Lucy

Dip into this deep, Techno mix from Lucy for the Truancy mix series. For the best part of his career, Luca Mortellaro and his label, Stroboscopic Artefacts  at the forefront of Techno’s constant evolution, and in this mix and through his new “Totem” series for Stroboscopic Artefacts, it seems he is favouring a more “organic sound” in his works and the label’s output.

Like his last LP, Self Mythology, an exotic sound palette is at work here as he takes the disjointed sounds of copious library records and seduces them over to the dark side of Techno. They saunter rather than pummel through the repertoire, with resolute repetitive loops underpinning the tapestry of sounds unraveling in the atmosphere. A very indulgent journey ensues leading us into the weekend and the heavyweight Techno of Regis and Downwards.