Olefonken does the Alumni Mix

The Frædag and Jæger resident heads over to Red Bull Music Radio to do the alumni mix.

Leisure Suit Larry goes on Hurtigruten in Olefonken’s mix for the energy drink’s online radio channel. A quirky mix from the mind of an eccentric artist, the Hubbabubbaklubb musician combines outlier pieces with a particular melodic and ambient disposition.

A soothing collection of tracks spanning the 1980’s to the present, Olefonken’s music taps into that original Balearic spirit. Polyrhythmic melodic phrases exhale into the atmosphere through luxurious synthetic voices pulsing at a reserved rate. The mix ends on a track taken from the debut Hubbabubbklubb album, a record we’ve been anticipating for some time and is finally due to arrive with us sometime in October.

Olefonken is back in the booth at Jæger this Friday for our bi-annual DJ Maraton.