flyer for the event

Palace of Pleasure is looking for their Spellemann

If you have Palace of Pleasure’s Spellemann prize, bring it to Jaeger and we’ll give you and a friend free entry to the concert

Palace of Pleasure have a history of not holding on to their Spellemann prize. The first one they raffled out to a lucky fan, and the second one they repurposed as a door handle to Jaeger’s predecessor, Garage. It was the nineties! It was time of blasé excess and when not giving a fuck was a cool, but that was then and this is now.

Unfortunately with the end of Garage, the door handle disappeared and neither we nor Palace of Pleasure have had eyes on the much-coveted prize. Palace of Pleasure would really like to be reunited with their much-coveted prize, and we at Jaeger would really like to see what’s behind that door. We’ve not been able to open it since we took over from Garage, and the pot for “what’s behind the mystery door” is no joke.

If you return the Spellemann, we’ll ask no questions and we’ll even go as far as to reward you wand a friend with some tickets to the live show. (Please contact

Tickets for the event are available via ticketco.