DJ Nuhhh The Gregorian calendar might say 2018, but every Thursday at Jæger, DJ Nuhhh and friends transport their audiences to a different time. RETRO captures the essence of Jæger’s musical versatility and weaves it seamlessly through Disco, Garage, Soul, Gospel, Acid House and Techno with a focus on the music of the past and the influences of today. DJ […]

Frædag Invites Burnt Friedman (Live) and Call Super

Burnt Friedman (Nonplace, DE) | Call Super ( Houndstooth, Dekmantel, Hessle Audio, UK) | G-Ha & Olanskii | R.L.O.C G-Ha & Olanskii pull together a Frædag for the ages, melding the established with the prodigy and the booth with the stage. Call Super takes on the duties as the DJ for the night while Burnt […]

Badabing with Perel (LIVE) + Villbass & Vaz

Perel (LIVE, DFA, DE) | Vinny Villbass (Badabing, Sunkissed) | Daniel Vaz (Badabing) Perel is back in Oslo and Badabing in 2018 with Vinny Villbass and Daniel Vaz for company. Swapping out the decks for the stage, Perel brings her new live show to Jæger. With last year’s Die Dimension on DFA imprinted firmly on […]


A fulcrum point to the weekend, Jæger Mix offers the dancer a resolute conclusion, or a brand new start – depending on your perspective – with resident Ivaylo, programming the two-hour journey into the deepest echelons of club music. Joined by a new guest every week, Jaeger Mix will feature some of the best, established […]


Phillip Hinz | Tod Louie | Solaris Det Gode Selskab offers a fitting end to the week with an evening of  House and Techno that can go in any direction with Solaris, Tod Louie and Philip Hinz at the helm. Often joined by Oslo favourites like g-Ha, Det Gode Selskab have only one purpose in mind when they get […]


Mandagsklubben features the best in rising Norwegian DJ talent alongside André Bravo, Davidow and Jeff Niels. They bring an eclectic array of music to our lounge every Monday with R&B, House and all manner of dance music making an appearance through their impressive sets. With the odd international headliner like Magit Cacoon putting in a appearance on […]


Every Tuesday at Jæger Musikfestklubben presents Den Gyldne Sprekk with resident DJ Herr R. After hosting successful events at the Kniven Bar and Pub, Den Gyldne Sprekk arrives at Jæger to bring a little something different to our weekday programming. For those who like the description of genres, the music can assume any of these […]