Untzdag has been institution on Oslo’s nightlife since it’s inception with  Øyvind Morken selecting the best there is to offer from the world, of Balearic, Afro, Disco, House, Electro and Techno. The Full Pupp affiliate and Moonlighting boss is the DJs DJ with a unique talent for reading an audience and finding that rare gem other DJs might […]


DJ Nuhhh The Gregorian calendar might say 2017, but every Thursday at Jæger, DJ Nuhhh and friends transport their audiences to a different time. RETRO captures the essence of Jæger’s musical versatility and weaves it seamlessly through Disco, Garage, Soul, Gospel, Acid House and Techno with a focus on the music of the past and the influences of today. DJ […]

Frædag invites Tama Sumo

Tama Sumo (Panorama Bar Resident) | G-Ha & Olanskii |  R.L.O.C ( Ricky Late | Oskar Pask | Cellius) Tama Sumo closes out a season that saw Marcel Dettmann, Massimiliano Pagliara Answer Code Request, Terence Fixmer, Roi Perez, Nick Höppner and Steffi proclaim autumn at Jæger as the unofficial Ostgut month. After DJ Nuhhh’s RETRO […]

DELLA’S DRIVHUS invites Tommy Bones

DJ Tommy Bones – NYC / USA (Defected – Dopewax – Strictly Rhytmn) https://soundcloud.com/djtommybones In todays over saturated House Music business, PR, likes and gimmicks can only get you so far. Eventually real talent has to stand out. As a dancer, DJ, musician and producer with 25 plus years in the game it’s easy to understand […]


A fulcrum point to the weekend, Jæger Mix offers the dancer a resolute conclusion, or a brand new start – depending on your perspective – with resident Ivaylo, programming the two-hour journey into the deepest echelons of club music. Joined by a new guest every week, Jaeger Mix will feature some of the best, established […]


Phillip Hinz | Tod Louie | Solaris Det Gode Selskab offers a fitting end to the week with an evening of  House and Techno that can go in any direction with Solaris, Tod Louie and Philip Hinz at the helm. Often joined by Oslo favourites like g-Ha, Det Gode Selskab have only one purpose in mind when they get […]

Oslo World Music Festival: Untzdag invites Orpheu the Wizard

Orpheu the Wizard | Øyvind Morken Once a year the musical world ascends on to Oslo from all four corners of the globe to celebrate the regions often overlooked by the western hemisphere. The Oslo World Music Festival sets the stage for new and established artists, bringing together many famous names for a 5-day musical […]